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Honda Civic EK4 / EK9 - Direct Air Flow Pipe

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Price €89.00

Air Duct specific for Honda Civic EK4..

It eliminates the resonance silencer found on the stock intake pipe of the B16A / B16A2. Consequently, the intake flow is improved and the intake velocity increased, providing improved power and throttle response. Additional weight saving of 250g can be achieved.

Naca duct universal - hood

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Price €39.00

Universal naca air vent - particularly suitable for hoods or other flat surfaces

ARTICLE DIMENSIONS: width 150mm / depth 200mm / height 32mm

Possibility to request personalized advice for a custom project. Use this form to request it.

Naca duct universal - Ø 72mm

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Price €45.00

Universal naca air intake.

Dimensions in photo 4. (please consider a tolerance +/- 0,5 mm)

The hose connection has an external diameter of 72mm.

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